The Book of Changes



A Manual for the Gods of Aquarius.
Translated and Adapted from Diverse Sources
by Rick Strauss.


This book contains the answers to those
questions the student is mostl ikely
to want to have answered.


You and Your Function in 1
the Universe
Who – Whence – Why 12
Truth in Teaching 25
The Teacher 35


Page 1



The universe is what it is
and as it is
because it is.

Page 3


To demand an explanation of the universe
before one consents to live in it.

To think anyone can explain it.

To think there’s anyone who needs an

To think there’s anything that needs to
be explained.

Page 5


Here is this world;

let the young have their fun,
let the tired have their rest;

there’s enough for all,
and to go around.

That’s enough to go on.

Page 6


Peace arises from peace of mind, when
even memories of pain, fear and anger
have been put away.

Where there is peace, freedom arises
and men find happiness. Their minds
and bodies flourish.

To protect and serve the peace and happiness
of others, thereby we gain an abundance
of all we desire.

Page 7


Guns, pills and razorblades are
improper toys for children.

They neither need them, nor do they
enjoy them nor do they have the necessary
training to handle them properly.

Nor is their understanding sufficiently
developed to retain such training. (If
they enjoy a bang, let them get a paper-bag.

Page 8


Children’s minds are very pure, very clear,
very serene; the world’s a summer afternoon,
and who’s to care if there’s tomorrow.
(They have a short attention-span.)

When left too long without supervision they
soon sink to the bare-subsistence level of
savages, leaderless monkey-tribes without
the Law, who bicker and brawl at the slightest
provocation and deface or destroy whatever
they touch or can’t understand.

So, if you want your house to be a place of pace
and beauty, you clean them up, see to their needs
and teach them te Law. This takes patience,
stamina and a cool head, and since they can’t
pay, you do it for love.

Page 9


The Law describes the evolution of events, as
set in motion by our thoughts, words and deeds.
It describes the way things always work out.
It is as if some great and mighty King had said,
«Thus it shall be for evermore!” Therefore we
call it, the Law.

The Law teaches us to discriminate between various
actions in terms of how they affect us physically,
emotionally and spiritually, in terms of how we feel
about the results or because of them. It states:
whatever energy you put out, returns 10 times over,
and in the same quality as you put it out.

Wise men take this as a warning not to cause
trouble, aggravation, fear or pain. It also may
be used to fulfill all one’s desires, by putting
out energy in whatever form one wants it to return.

Page 10


Childhood ends
when the child decides
it’s important enough
for him to remember his training.

Page 11


The problems of the world are (1) pain
and suffering, and (2) not knowing how
to end them.

In ignorance, by well-meaning but misguided
effort, we create additional confusion and
make worse the pain.

All this dissolves when we see the light, like
a spook in the night when the sun rises.

Page 12



The consciousness of man and universe
is one and the same.
All differences are imaginary.

Like a balloon with air, so is the universe
filled with energy flowing. Most of it moves
faster than light, at speeds up to infinity,
flowing beyond measure, filling all space,
penetrating everywhere, permeating everything.

Our physical organs are too slow to respond
directly to this flow, but resonate at lower
frequencies. It is the voice of the universe
which speaks to us in passing.

The energy-flow of the universe is eternally
pure, intelligent and free. It is fully
conscious: its existence, actions, and
their consequences on itself. It knows itself.

This universal consciousness is known to man.
It looks at us through our eyes when we look
into a mirror, and thinks, “So that’s what I
look like now!»

This I that everyone is so conscious of
is the I of the universe.

There are and have always been certain
beings in this world, forever youthful
and happy, warmly shining, bestowing
wondrous gifts on all around.

No one quite understands their powers
and states of emancipation, their absence
of hesitation, and various other faculties,
whatever they be.

They are the Gods, human beings who
fully-consciously strive to fulfill
the will of the universe through
loving action.

This world, so wonderful, so wonderfully
set up, arranged, organized, with its
actors and agents, its rewards and
enjoyments …
this world where the fruits of our actions
ripen, each with its special cause,
time and place of ripening …
from the existence of this world we may
infer the existence and workings
of a loving creator.

This creator would be a noble, benevolent being,
a just and merciful, enlightened, eminent
ruler, such as we would call “a Lord.
The creator, maintainer and ruler of the universe
would be the highest Lord.

His existence is known:

1.We may infer it from the existence
of this world.
2.He has made himself known directly
and clearly to many eminent persons
(and others) throughout the ages.
3.Scripture, representing highest thought
and the consensus of millenia, agrees
on this point.
4.His voice has been heard by everyone
at one time or another.

His existence and will are known beyond doubt.

Fulfilling this will and consciousness
brings joy and happiness.

Joy and happiness are the pre-ordained
lot of man.

This human being was deliberately and
purposefully devised, evolved and perfected
by the universal consciousness as the most
effective and flexible means of self-

This human being is eternally pure, intelligent
and free, like its creator.

All channels, centers and formations are
pure, open and waiting for man to shed those
ridiculous notions of his own imperfection
anf align himself at last with the energy-
flow of the universe.

Man is one in essence, form and function
with the energy-flow of the universe,
an organically-grown miniature version

The tenuous outer layers of his energy-
sphere are seen to extend to about 15′
in either direction, the inner ones to
about 3′, the inmost for 2-3”. The body
marks the area of densest flow.

Over the solar plexus rides the central
sphere, a life-giving sun, a lens of energy.
According to the mathematics of infinity, this
is the central sun and center of the universe.

Within this sun is seen a golden man
with golden hair and beard, in golden
flowing robes. His face shadows two
violet-blue eyes.

He is the whirling center of the universe,
a pillar of flame as seen in the eye,
a being of purest energy, spindle-shaped.

He is the highest Lord. The physical human
body is His image, His shape made manifest
in flesh and blood. It is His vehicle.

This whirling shape is as the needle of
a gyroscopic compass. Locking into it
we lock our mind and being into phase
with the flow of consciousness and energy
of the universe.

Whoever aligns his life and being with
this flow, gains the fullest use thereof
and becomes its true representative.

This by the will, plan and most urgent
desire of the universe, which is as ever
waiting to welcome man with open arms
as he now at last appears to take his
rigthful place and function in the scheme
of things.

Page 25



The goal of a true teaching is peace,
freedom, happiness, health and prosperity
for all.

A true teaching leads directly to the goal.
It does not propose conferences, conditions,
restrictions or violence as intermediate

A true teaching speeds up and stabilizes
the natural processes of evolution, pro-
cesses which are inherent, but often dormant,
in everyone.

Page 27


A true teaching instructs the student
precisely in the ways and means of
reaching his goal, and gets him going.

A true teaching teaches only what he
needs to know. If he can understand
and follow instructions he will be able
to break the fetters which bind him
to pain and frustration.

Even an abortive attempt is not wasted,
nor can it produce a contrary result.
Even a little practice improves the
destiny he is to experience.

Page 29


A true teaching recognizes 4 classes of
students in different phases of evolution,
each distinguished by different motivations
and actions, each requiring a different

1.The Children, the Street, the outcasts,
the servants of man, who only accept
what is of immediate use,
2.The Bargaining Classes; they seek security
and guarantees of future comfort.
3.The Leaders seeking
the power which arises from wisdom (self-control),
4.The Establishment which tries to maintain
the established order.

The established order is that the higher classes
are kept healthy by a steady flow of blood and
energy from the lower. A true teaching therefore
starts in the street. There it proves its validity;
then it percolates upward, satisfying the classes,
bringing peace of mind.

Page 30


A true teaching is based on a widely
available body of literature, so the
student can always check what was said.

It is supported both by scripture and
the work of independent thinkers through-
out the ages.

Its truth may be instantly verified by anyone
who follows instructions.

Page 31


1.The cause of pain is the causing of pain.
The cause of happiness is the causing of

2.To protect the welfare and happiness of
others we actively practice the 6 virtues:
generosity, ethics and good manners (incl.
humility), patience, perseverance, cool-
headedness (induced by meditation), clear-
sightedness (as a result of staying cool).

3.We take a vow to save all (repeat, ALL)
living beings. Living up to this vow,
by constant loving direct action, we turn
ourselves into Gods.

Page 33


A true teaching is a streaming of pure
consciousness. It is freely given.

Whoever conceives of the notion of proving
consciousness, measuring it, manipulating
or inducing it by mechanical means, prevents
himself from becoming enlightened about its
true nature until he gives up such ego-notions.

Page 34


A true teaching leads directly to the
goal. There is no gradual enlightenment
with ever further revelations to come.

There is no fixed teaching or harsh
discipline, nothing to give up or deny.
A true teaching ennobles the whole of man.

A true teaching reveals all at once and
leaves it up to the student to accept it
at his own pace – which is often slow
due to pride and the characteristic human
disinclination to discommode oneself by
changing one’s ways.

Page 35



The World-Teacher appears on the top of a
hill, has always done so, does so still,
surrounded by many shining beings.

This Teacher has always been fully, perfectly
conscious, using various bodies, throughout
the ages. He teaches in whatever manner
appropriate to each land, age and class.

He is an emanation (tulku) of that spirit
which always refuses to enter final rest
in order to be available to help mankind.

Page 36


The true Teacher teaches truth, nothing else,
just that. There is never error or falsehood
in his words. Whatever he teaches is true.

In former ages he often feigned (pretended)
mortality. Today, however, when there are many
bewildered by a lood of confused an confusing
teaching, who in their delusion worship his
relics and see him not standing there, today
he teaches immortality and shows it within
sight and reach of all.

Page 37


The preceding statements are supported by
many passages in publicly available documents.
They should be read, in the order given,
as description of various interior processes
now evolving in the reader and the world.

The Vedanta Sutras of Badarayana with commentary
by Sankara, transl. by Thibaut. (Dover)
Vol. I, 1 adhyaya, 1 pada, No. 1 & 20.

The Lotus of the True Law, (Saddharma-Pundarika),
transl. by Kern. (Dover)
chs. 15 & 23 (“Gadgadasvara”).

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology
by Dowson. (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London)
see Avatara, 8, 9, 10, & Gada.

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa,
transl. by Guenther. (Rider & Co., London)
chs. 19 – 21.

The Description of the Land of Bliss (The Larger
Sukhavati. Vyuha), transl. by Mueller. (in Buddhist
Mahayana Texts, ed. by Cowell.) (Dover)
Pp. 8-12,

The Holy Bible, Matt. 5-7, Rev. 19-22.

Page 38


Let anyone study the documents, let him
practice and perfect the 6 virtues and
lead the noble style of life, and he will
surely attain the goal when the fruit
of his actions ripens.

But anyone who listens to the “Ancient
Drum» and does what it tells him to do,
he will instantly experience full radiant
enlightenment and never loosen his hold
thereon again.

Page 40


  1. A true teaching confers power over immortality.
  2. It teaches instant meditation.
  3. It showers a rain of immensely valuable necessities on all beings everywhere.
  4. It starts an immediately noticeable and continuing improvement in the destiny to be experienced by the student, whoever he is.
  5. It enables him to live in and enjoy the world without forgetting the teaching.
  6. It turns water into wine, dross into gold, and accomplishes other similar miracles.
  7. It teaches self-discipline and love.
  8. It instills a yearning to better one’s self.
  9. It is supported by a publicly available body of literature, which settles all arguments.
  10. It satisfies the mind of the student (is immediately verifiable), and leads to the highest form of existence in this world.